Assembly and disassembly of industrial equipment

Assembly and disassembly of industrial equipment

There is no product or equipment that could not be moved, you just need such a team as we are!

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About us

About us
About us

Feindemontage specialists, having many years of experience in the field of complex assembly/disassembly works of various equipment and successfully completed projects for the transfer of entire production facilities from enterprises of the European Union countries, will implement your projects.

We guarantee the highest quality and timely execution of orders, taking into account the wishes of the customer, including urgent orders, even on weekends.

We use our own special equipment, loaders, trucks, and other modern devices and equipment to ensure that complex work is carried out in a safe manner for the fastest and highest quality performance of the ordered works defined by the customer's technical task. All these services will be performed for you by a well-coordinated professional team, which has been expertly performing complex assembly/disassembly and rigging work for more than 15 years, and is ready to work flexibly 24/7 to meet the needs of the customer.

Similar services can also be performed in the countries of the European Union.

Our services

  • Unloading of all machinery and equipment in compliance with all safety measures.
  • Equipment rental, professional transportation of heavy elements of production equipment.
  • Complete installation and dismantling of industrial and technological equipment and transfer of any production lines and facilities to a new production site.
  • Comprehensive assembly/disassembly and rigging of an entire plant or factory or its individual elements
  • Loading machinery and equipment onto trucks and containers using our own special equipment and rigging devices.
  • Commissioning of various industrial equipment.
  • Installation of engineering systems and lighting networks, electrical panels, power cables of any cross-section.
  • It is possible to fulfill orders in the European Union.


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